He's the greatest man in the world. And you love him in the space of a mere two or three hours of talk time. Finally he met a man who meets all your ideals long ago written off! He also watched as they brought the Wind in your life suddenly invaded the colors of the midday sky, mad exuberance and wide happy smile. In a word, the idyll was complete. Excluding ring on his right hand. Is it worth a person to close his eyes to it?
I admit that the topic is my personal calvary. And she unlearn me to say the word "never". "Never," as in "never drew attention to a married man." Unconsciously I always imagined that the definition of "married" is something like a deadly form of typhus and start hanging around you should be saving by running headlong in the opposite direction. Until I met him.
Naturally, in the beginning I tried to self-deception, claiming that this person I just made a strong impression and that's it. Only after a few months I allowed to call things by their names - it was clear as day that go into crazy cool mood after seeing his name to the video on my mobile that I keep amazed how easy flowing lines between us that is interested in what is happening in his work and wonder how I paid so much time and attention in her busy schedule. Hereinafter ordeal began with a series of questions "Okay, what do we do now?" To "Why, Lord, I met him just two years earlier?".
I had the feeling that I was doing something wrong, I was just really happy! If you do not know to tell you this - all the talk, how terzaesh his wife are in the field of hypothetical morality. Remorse, of course, there is, but it loses significance in the incredible euphoria when you hear his voice, receive unexpected sms, make a nice gesture to you, or you schedule a meeting. Moreover, he never talked about it or if you allow it mention is the most laconic and cool. Which is unfortunate you love brain interprets as "Well, he does not love her!". As expressed Margarita, a familiar "I am jealous of his younger son, because talking about it constantly. His wife - not because it mentioned only once. I told him that probably did not pay enough attention, he replied: "I secured her job and money. Fun to look for them alone. " Do not be fooled, however, that his silence necessarily mean lack of feeling and willingness to abandon his family.